Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

May 6, 2013 - Antelope Island, UT

Woke to an overcast day but warm. We started up I-15 after the usual TC prep of add water, dump, trash out, etc. We stopped in Orem, UT at a Barnes and Nobel Bookstore to use the wi-fi and Joe needed a new Sudoku book. With their high speed internet and two cups of tea, got six days of blog updated while Joe roamed.

All along the way, the views of the snow covered mountains were beside us.

Our next stop was at a Camping World to buy a CB radio and TC slider lubricant. We both work on the daily maintenance of the camper and truck as we want to spend many happy miles/hours in them.

I tried to meet up with an online knitter friend but our paths just weren't destined to cross. Fun to phone chat though. We continued up I-15, missing the turn to I-215 which would have taken us around Salt Lake City. What a huge city with very fast drivers but courteous. We must be thought of as the old couple who gets in the middle lane, does the speed limit and just cruises along. Yeap - that's us though we do move for 18 wheelers.

Moved over to Route 108 which turns into SR127 and the causeway that crosses to Antelope Island State Park. It is 7 miles long and it plus one night camping at Bridger Bay was $13.The no-see-ums are out and fierce when we first arrived and started walking. Later the wind was so high they weren't a problem at all. After all what is spring without biting bugs and Off. Bison, pronghorns, and all manor of birds are all over. Most of the bison we have seen are standing out in the salt flats. In their honor we stopped at the cafe and had a bison burger which was good.

We rode to the far end of the island and toured Fielding Garr Ranch which is still active to care for the bison herd. Two popup TCs from Colorado

Dead quiet around us except for the birds including a pair of partridge who just went by. Think we will sleep well tonight after the road and train noise last night. Headed towards the Grand Tetons tomorrow and then on to Yellowstone if the roads open earlier then they have posted. 

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