Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, October 19, 2009

TC off for the winter

Yes the TC is off the truck for the winter and almost totally winterized. Anti-freeze is in, everything perishable out and all the linens, etc. all boxed up and put up on the bed. Only things left to do are to shut off the gas, remove the batteries and (hopefully) remember to move the license plate from the TC to the truck. F-350 goes in Wednesday for service and then into the garage with the 1/4" to spare so the door goes down.

Why so early? Why did we miss the Northeast Truck Campers fall rally in Salem, MA last weekend? Well Joe came down with a pretty bad case of cellulitis in his lower right leg and spent 13 days in the hospital. The only good thing about it was we were in familiar territory with known hospital and doctors. We could have been in a back canyon in Utah or on a beach in Oregon and had to hunt for medical that would accept retired military health insurance. We'd have found it but if a medical problem had to happen, glad we were home.

The gear we took out isn't so buried in the cellar that we couldn't load the TC back up and head out during the winter. Time will tell. He's healing very well and quickly. walking easily again and getting pretty bored with spending most of his day with his leg elevated over his heart. Lots of trips left to the wound care clinic but he'll heal given a bit of time.

So...... be careful when you are out camping. Treat any tiny cut or bug bite as a source of infection. We never found what caused Joe's cellulitis but just be careful.