Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall weekend camping on Casco Bay

Just couldn't stand to put the truck camper away for the winter without one last fling. We called up some TC friends who were relatively nearby and talked them into coming to camp on Casco Bay in Freeport, Maine for the weekend. It would either be one of those glorious times in late fall in New England or we'd freeze. But being intrepid souls (and owning propane furnaces and generators) we decided to go for it. After all, LL Bean is open 24/7 and we could always go to the hunt/fish store and either buy long johns or warm up by the wood stove.

Joe and I arrived first and set up by the water. We camped at Recompence Campground which is owned by Wolfe Neck Farm, a 600+ acre salt water farm conservation group.

Feet up, we relaxed and enjoyed the 50F degree warmth, bright skies and watching a local clam digger work for a living.

As more TCs arrived during Friday afternoon, the fog started to roll in, getting denser and denser. Wolfe Neck has a large cow herd and, cows being the curious creatures that they are, they came to see what we were doing.

As it had rained during the week, the ground was quite wet. Since there hasn't been a prolonged frost or cold spell yet to firm up the ground, we found TCs sort of sinking. As more rain was coming, we decided to get them all out of the field and herded into what higher ground we had. Only one got stuck and the guys had a great time with tow straps and deciding the best way to ease it out. Yes the Ford pulled out the Chevy.

This camper didn't get stuck but was sort of listing to port before Ron wisely moved it.

Mike T and Stoney brought up a trailer full of tents, propane heaters, and propane lights which we set up to have a cozy place for meals and socializing. Good move since we had a couple of pretty heavy rain squalls.

Lots of people brought firewood and we kept a blazing fire going for three days. Since this was a boon dock, we occasionally used generators but for the most part, propane and fire kept us comfortable. The temperatures stayed in the 50s which is remarkable for this time of year - plus no snow! However, when you add cold ground from frosts and a cooling ocean with 50 degree temperatures, our TCs herded looked like our own herd in the fog -

Hard rains, cozy tents, good friends, great food and drink and lots of tales told of places seen and places to go made this a super weekend. Sunday morning broke bright and clear so we moved outside to have a farewell breakfast by the bay.

Most had to leave Sunday for work on Monday, but four friends followed us home and camped at our house until Tuesday. Had a "girls day" Monday and headed north up the coast to some of my favorite Maine places. The guys started winterizing our TC and we finished it up today. Our yard looked a bit full of TCs but now it's sadly empty.

Looking out the garage second floor window at dawn:

Thanks everyone for coming up. The unplanned gatherings with good TC friends are really special.