Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Time for Recompence


Who: North-East Truck Campers andfriends

What: Fall Dry Camping to close outour camping year
When: Thursday, November 8, 2012 -Sunday, November 11, 2012
Where:  Recompence Shore Campground, Wolfe's NeckFarm, Burnett Road, Freeport, Maine        

            N43°49.45'  W70° 4.47'
Why: To enjoy a late fall gatheringby the ocean

Our informalTruck Camper gathering at Recompence Shore Campground, Freeport, Maine is setfor  Thursday, November 8 - Sunday,November 11, 2012. The views off of the bay front are just spectacular - Maineat its best.  The web site is http://www.freeportcamping.com/.This is a total dry camp for those of you wanting to test your solar power andgenerators. You will be able to run generators occasionally to keep thebatteries topped off. There is a dump station by the office and a pit toiletnear where we camp.  
Thecampground manager has agreed to a rate of $15 per night ($16.05 with statetax). The campground is closed except for walk ins and those who wish to wintercamp. You may pre-register on line if you wish but not necessary. We will have signin forms at the campsite and will take your check/cash as a group to themanager who lives on site.  If your dogcomes (they are welcome), bring a copy of your rabies certificate. Dogs must beleashed at all times. We still charge the $10 per rig (not person) fee to coverwood and other expenses.
RecompenseShore is only 5.17 miles from LL Bean plus about 100 shops, pubs, restaurants,etc. in Freeport. We'll do a pot luck on Saturday night and do our usualsharing of drinks and appetizers on Thursday and Friday. Xtreme Campers issponsoring our group breakfast on Sunday morning. Mikeee has graciously agreedto bring  tent s and space heaters so wewill have a shelter if needed. We will provide firewood. DO NOT bringwood with you as imported wood is no longer allowed in Maine.

Thisgathering is low key with no planned seminars. There will be a $5 per ticket rafflewith one winner taking the whole New England bag of goodies. We spend lots oftime sitting around the campfire, swapping tales of places we've been and wantto go.  Bring your winter coat and bootsas it can get a bit nippy and rain gear in case. We'll keep our fingers crossedfor a late Indian Summer. Beautiful place, good TC friends and any of theircamper friends - a great way to close out the North East camping season formost of us.
In order toplan breakfast, please email me if you are coming.  More details back to those who email.  Hope to see you!        

Anne and Joe Brown      email: TwoMaineiacs2@yahoo.com