Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mom's passing and the Mid Atlantic TC Rally

Long time since I've caught up on the blog. It has been a sad time in our family but in addition to mourning, we celebrated the life of our mother. Mom passed away on Sunday, April 19th after a good life of 89 years. April 9th, we had traveled to Virginia for a visit with her and family and spent five days taking mom out of the assisted living center. The stand out was Easter dinner at brother's home where we shared a meal with family and got to sit out in the very warm southern sun. We took her to several of her favorite places for seafood lunches, a drive through some of the national civil war parks and, best for me, a ride across the ferry at Scotland Wharf to Jamestown, VA. Mom seemed to get stronger every day, more talkative and physically stronger. We left for the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally at Tall Pines Harbor in Sanford, VA telling her we would see her again in about ten days. After three years of declining health, she just passed in her sleep on the 19th after a last great day out with my sister. She was an amazingly strong woman who loved life, the sunshine, her native VA and her family. She is missed.

The extended family came in from Maine to Florida for the funeral. The gathering gave us the opportunity to talk about mom's life from childhood to her working life to her older years. Her two sisters who are 70 and 90 years old, cousins and friends all shared many stories of our VERY large family going back to great-grandmother times. The funeral service, burial and church reception were attended by many family members and friends. The old southern traditions are very comforting.

Rather then continue with our camping trip, we chose to return to Maine. We've been clearing up winter yard debris, getting the camper and truck cleaned up and ready for the next trip.

Tall Pines Harbor Campground was the site of the fourth Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper rally. What a wondrous sight to see 120+ truck campers in one place. We met many new friends, spent time with old friends and, fortunately, didn't see another TC we would rather have. The weather was great after 7 1/2 feet of snow and -20 temps this winter in Maine. Ron and Michelle did a good job organizing the rally with many
seminars and fun events. We'll be back another year.

Mike T brought his tents so our North East TC group had a place to have our annual dinner of prime roast beef and haddock.

Lots of North East truck campers lined up. Great time had by all - well I could have had a better time if I hadn't fallen off Jayne's bicycle but that was more embarrassing than painful. Maybe I really cannot do everything I did 40 years ago?

The F-350 is at the Ford dealer getting oil/filter changed, a 40,000 mile checkup and six new tires - Michelin LTX AT/2. The Host sits alone waiting to get loaded back on and on the road.