Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Friday, March 30, 2012

Scusset Beach Shake Down Cruise

After two amazing days in the mid 80s for temps in Maine, our usual spring weather kicked back in and the March winds decided to hit high gear. So what do we do? Head to Scusset Beach  on the Cape Cod Canal in MA.

One of our truck camper friends who lives down that way suggested a shake down cruise to be sure all the camper systems worked and the "necessary" gear was loaded. We hesitated a bit since de-winterizing the camper in March is always a gamble. We'd have to keep the propane going for heat at nights until we eventually head south or the hot weather gets to Maine again.

Word of mouth got going and thirteen truck camper rigs showed up including a couple who were using their camper for their first night. What a great place to do so with more experienced folk all around. The weather was 50s but the wind wasn't  horrible so we were able to sit around a campfire and chat about the coming camping season. Mike T aand Cathie drove down for a visit, camperless since theirs is down at Xtreme Truck Campers in High Point, NC for some work. Good to see old friends and meet some new.

We'd managed to pack pretty much everything needed for the season but might add a small step stool to help my short legs get into the camper when the ground slopes away. Some places there just is no way to park level and have the steps up against something taller. Joe doesn't notice since his legs are about 6' tall!! We did develop a really odd crack/settling in the bath ceiling.

There was absolutely no sign of water but obviously something not right. We drove over to Bill Penny's at Truck Camper Warehouse in W. Chesterfield, NH on the way home. Bill took off the ceiling light and found that the wire chase was about 8" wide instead of the needed 3-4" wide. The sides had just settled in since it was not supported well. Bill is getting some high density spray foam to make the chase rigid and then will channel out the ceiling break to relieve the pressure and then put a molding strip over it. The Chalet has had it's odd problems but nothing major and nothing  Bill either couldn't fix easily or talk us through on the phone. We really enjoy the space in the camper.