Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 10 - Sisters OR and the Head of the Metolious River

May 10 - Sisters OR and the Head of the Metolious River camping

Walked from the Sisters OR town park down into Sisters for coffee. I'd long wanted to go to the "Stitching Post" which is a quilt shop owned by a quilt teacher I had many years ago at a conference. Luckily it was open at 9AM and I had a great time looking at all the fabrics, books, patterns, etc. Didn't buy anything quilting as my sewing room looks like a quilt store already. Joe had fun sitting on the bench outside watching all the pickups pass by carrying or hauling all sorts of things from cattle to llamas to saddled horses.

As we walked back to camp to hit the road, Toni/Ron from Cape Cod called. They were camped at the Head of the Metolious Campground in Camp Sherman which was ten miles from us!! We met up at a local grocery store, restocked and headed back to camp with them for a day. Fran/Chuck from CT were also with them as they are all headed up to WA to meet up with Mike Oleschnevich for an Alaska cruise for TCers.

It felt odd following another TC. We do see them very often on this western leg of our trip but have yet to see another Chalet.

Fran/Chuck have a brand new Lance 1172. It is a beautiful camper and very comfortable with the rear couch. Chuck tows a small trailer for the gear like chairs and BBQ grill that won't fit in the Lance. He is a master at making things work and he, Ron and Joe installed our CB Radio. We didn't want to go into Alaska without that extra piece of safety equipment. Thanks again guys.

It was fun to see someone from home. We sat around camp all day and into the evening just trading places to go and what we had been doing. A group supper and then a night campfire from huge pinecones and downed branches with the bubbling Metolious River feet away was pretty special. There was not one sound other than the river and the fire.

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