Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Friday, May 24, 2013

May 22 and 23 - Rain, wind and ever eastward

May 22 and 23 - Rain, wind and ever eastward

May 22, 2013 was another drive day through heavy rain and winds. Many camper friends have asked on Facebook and email why we don't just hunker down and wait for the storm to blow through. We are trying to get to Truck Camper Warehouse in NH while Bill is there to look at our weep hole/leaks but mainly to see if we damaged the camper on the Chaco Canyon Road. We hit one rock that bounced out of the road, back up under the camper, opened a road hole and dropped one tire down in. And no we were NOT going fast. That caused the camper to bounce in the bed of the truck and crinkled the diamond plate that is against the inner fender. We are pretty sure it is cosmetic but want someone who knows what they are doing to look. We've already caulked the wrinkle against any water intrusion.

Wisconsin is windy but welcoming. We stopped for lunch and had a "pasty" which is basically a meat and potato turnover. Very friendly folk in the diner who all wanted to know about our travels.

Stayed on Route 2 all day and overnighted in a Michigan State Park at Indian Lake near Monistiquet. This was on a large lake, nothing like Lake Michigan, but there were white caps kicked up and the sound of surf all night. We always laugh that no matter where we camp be it in the remotest forest there will be a railroad nearby. Even here on this lake there were railroad whistles at night.

May 23 - Into Canada

Lake Michigan is an inland sea. We sang a bit of the "Edmund Fizgerald" as we drove along this Great Lake.

We followed Route 2 to the Mackinaw Bridge to I-75.

Took I-675 at Saginaw due to construction, back on 75 and then I-475 at Flint. From there Route 69 to Port Huron, MI where we crossed the border back into Canada for the short distance over to Buffalo, NY. We were asked some unusual questions this time but sailed through quickly. Thankfully, cars and RVs use one lane because if we had been classed a truck, we would have been there for hours. I anticipate more of a delay going back into the States just from volume. No matter that you know there is not one single illegal thing in your truck, camper or person, there is still this nagging stress that you will be chosen for an inspection. There are now bomb, radiation and probably other sniffers at the border crossings so they probably pick up a lot they didn't before. I always make a list of any fruits, veggies, liquor, and purchases before we get to the border to make it easier.

High winds and heavy rain again today. The farmers must be ecstatic but the travelers less so. At times it was hard to drive especially right after crossing into Canada at Port Huron. Lake Huron ends against this point of land and there are mostly large farms with open fields. I kept waiting for the camper to tip over. The weep holes still seep in the big dinette window but not in the bed area anymore. I'll add more caulk to the weep holes as this is where the wind/rain is hitting the side of the camper constantly. There is no sign of water at all anywhere on the window, only in the bottom track.

It's still raining but the heavy wind has finally quieted a bit. We just turned 11,000 miles on the new F-450. Joe could not be happier on how it has handled and worked for us this whole trip. We are back up to 10.8 mpg for the trip even with the winds.

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