Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, May 06, 2013

May 3 Grand Canyon to Lake Powell

Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time so all our electronic devices like computer, cell phones, etc. read differently. We haven't really known what time it is for days but so what? Course that meant we were up early and to the Desert View Visitor Center about an hour before they opened. This is the first place you really can see into the Grand Canyon and it is truly awesome. Several years ago we had been on the North Rim but the light on the south side just seemed brighter.

As we drove the 25 miles toward the main visitor center we stopped at all the pullouts and walked as much as we could without descending into the canyon. I think we did about six miles total today and my feet are telling me to stop for the day! The visitor center had good exhibits well presented and was not really crowded. We walked to Mather Point

and then along the rim trail to the Yavapai Point Geology Exhibits.

The last rim trail we took was another 1.5 miles and the altitude finally told me to stop. We took the shuttle bus back and were amazed that we were surrounded by RVs of every shape and size. Getting up and going early is best.

We decided not to continue west to Vegas and Death Valley but to start heading a bit more north. That area of the country could be part of a trip after maybe finally getting to Key West after Christmas. We headed to Lake Powell. 64 to 89 at Cameron but a bit further north 89 detoured due to a road collapse up near Page, AZ. Back on 160 to 98 near Tonalea and through beautiful country to Page, AZ. This road was through the Hopi/Navaho reservation and included some striking geology features.

Ted and Cheryl had told us about camping on National Recreation Land just north of Page off of 89. We found it! Lone Rock Road leads to a sand beach that had about 40 RVs of all types on it. Love that Senior Access Pass as the campsite is $5.00. The truck handled the sand well but we did put it in 4 wheel drive. A ranger explained that a lot of sand that was up closer to the rocks had blown back and made it harder than usual driving. Joe's going to scout out a way out tomorrow. The colors on the water at sunset just glowed.

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