Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, December 12, 2011

End of the 2010 Camping year

We picked up the camper at TC Warehouse on Friday after a Bill fixed a mystery heat problem with the Chalet double slide. Turned out the original install had one of the heat ducts so close to a pipe that when the hot air expanded the duct, it pinched the heat off!! Bill rebuilt it and now the bed area is toasty warm. He also figured out a way to extend the dump valve so it was easier to get to. Joe was having to crawl under the camper to reach the pipe to attach the sewer hose - never fun. Bill built this -

I forgot to close the grey and black water valves off before we left so yes that is water in the elbow. Normally the pipe will be dry until you dump waters. All is now drained and winterized. The new extension to the sewer pipe will come off easily with three screws and a hose clamp. Nice addition.

Time to put it away and are we ever lucky not to be buried in snow. We thought we'd have an indoor place to store this year but that fell through. Joe wanted more support for long term storage so picked up these six ton jacks from Harbor Freight. 2X4 fits perfectly in the grooves at the top of the jack.

The jack legs are down also but the weight of the camper is now shared by the yellow jacks for more stability in snow load.

Getting older is not fun especially going up on a ladder to put the cover on. We need to "borrow" the kids down the road next year. The ADCO cover didn't fit of course but we had expected that. It was originally bought for the Lance 1121 and fit perfectly. It was too baggy on the Host and way too small for the Chalet. Also has lots of duct tape on it but covers about 2/3 of the camper. Finished it off with a tarp all bungy corded down. Hey - we live in the woods so it's not a fashion statement.

Sad to see it go away but we'll be planning for next years travels.