Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, May 06, 2013

May 4 Lake Powell to Bryce Canyon, UT

45 degrees, sunny calm on the beach above Page, AZ. This is National Recreational Area and is mostly used by those with small boats and jet skis they can launch from the beach. Joe walked the beach until he was happy with a place to cross back over into firmer gravel.

We made it fine in 4 wheel low and going about 15 mph. We did see an A that was stuck to it's under carriage. During the day, several SUVs buried themselves but there were always people around to push them out. We are not going to make a habit of driving out on unknown sand.

Just past Kanab we detoured over to the Utah State Park called Coral Pink Sand Dunes. This is a mecca for ATVs and they were out in force. I thought of Spot and Kim and how much they would enjoy riding through these dunes. They really are pink and are much finer then sugar. We did manage to claw out way to the top of one so we could look down into the basin. The line of black dots in the picture are ATVs.

Route 98 up to Hatch, UT and lunch at Cafe Adobe. We stopped there because of all the work trucks that were surrounding the place and figured if the locals ate there, we should. Had a beef taco with a fresh salad on top and Joe had beef enchilada. Both were excellent, very inexpensive and fortunatly not where we live or we would go often. At Route 12 we cut over towards Bryce. If you have never driven Route 12 through Utah, it is one of the most scenic roads we have ever been on. One year we followed the entire road and were constantly amazed at the views. This road goes through  the Dixie National Forest skirting towering red rock formations. Stopped at the Red Rock Canyon visitor center and bumped into a couple from Cape Cod. They were as interested in geology as we are, so we traded places to go. On to Route 63 at Ruby's Inn and down into Bryce Canyon National Park. There was only one entrance open so the wait was considerable. Love the "Golden Geezer Pass" as Joe calls our US Senior Access Pass. Entry fee waived and campgrounds half price.

We lucked out and got a good space in Sunrise Campground. Wide, level, set among tall fir trees. Very tired from the last three weeks of travelling so decided to wait until tomorrow to do any sight seeing or walking. Joe read and I sat outside and knit. got to talking to a couple from Australia who flew in to OR, bought a truck and fifth wheel and are touring the USA. We gave them a lot of "must go" places and picked up some tips from them. Invited them to the fall TC gathering in Gettysburg as that was in their time frame for being on the east coast.

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