Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Friday, September 10, 2010

Truck Camper caravan to Nova Scotia

We've started out on our long awaited Truck Camper rolling Jamboree/Caravan through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We've headed up early with fellow truck camper friends Toni/Ron and Fran/Chuck. First time ever crossing the border into Canada, we were asked to go into the customs building to have our passports "verified". Usually we get a few questions and are passed right through. There is never anything in the camper that shouldn't be so we don't mind the thoughts of an inspection - which hasn't occured yet. Pleasant man took the passports, asked questions and we must have answered okay because we were sent on our way with an "Eh, Enjoy Canada".

Camped for the night on the Bay of Fundy in St. Andrews, NB. Tide was full in when we arrived followed quickly by a pretty heavy rainstorm. By the time we got set up and remembered the camera, the tide was racing out.

Feels so good to have this crisp, cool air after our hot summer in Maine. here's a view out the camper door after the rain.

To start our journey off well, we even got a gorgeous rainbow over the Bay with the tide full out.

Tomorrow we six will walk into St. Andrews and play tourist before heading off to the ferry from St. John to Digby, Nova Scotia.

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