Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nova Scotia - Lunenburg sail

September 16 - Lunenburg

The Truck Camper crowd takes to the sea! What a fabulous and exhausting day. Jerry and Paula chartered the "Eastern Sea", a 48 foot wooden sailing ketch to take us for a sail around Lunenburg Harbor and out to sea. GLORIOUS day, a bit nippy and VERY windy but one of those special times we'll all remember for a long time. Here's the ketch.

We motored out from the dock and then the fore and aft sails were raised. Joe helps raise sail, a long way from his Coast Guard days. Only the two smaller sails were raised as it was VERY windy and raising the main sail would have probably capsized us.

Some of our crew took their turn at the helm. Here's Mike with Tom standing by to lend a hand.

and here is Ted (FarcticOx) with our trip mascot, Ducker. Ducker is the name of a breed of dog from Nova Scotia. Each TC gets to keep Ducker for the day and take him to new and interesting places. Each evening around the fire, the tales of the day are told.

Why do we all look like we are dressed for the Arctic? Why it is pretty cold out to sea with a high wind. Here's part of our crew on the sun side of the ketch.

Coming back to harbor, the wind really kicked up and we were rail in the water a lot of the time.

For those of you who don't sail or spend time on the water, putting the rail in the water means the boat is tipped way over on it's side until one rail is touching the ocean. It's a fine trick for a skipper to race like that and not go too far.

Two of our group, Catherine and Paul (Miskeeta) decided to stay on the down rail side. They were holding on.

Two hours of sun, wind, sail, water and we were pretty tired, wind and sun burned when we got back and no one would change a thing. Lunenburg is a very steep town, built into the side of a hill and though the harbor area is water level, getting back to the TCs involves a long, long uphill climb. We decided to fortify outselves for the trek and had a seafood lunch at the "The Knot Pub". Some shopped their way back including a local distillery and fresh vegetable mart.

Tomorrow we head for Mahone Bay and Peggy's Cove to once again camp right on the ocean.

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