Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nova Scotia - Baadeck

September 20 - Englishtown and Baadeck - Today was the second day at Englishtown Ridge Campground. This is an immaculate place with flat camp sites, a stone building with fireplace, tables, chairs to socialize and a very welcoming atmosphere. The day was a non travel day and a time to catch a bit of rest and do local sightseeing.

Most of us went into Baadeck to fuel up, re provision and take in the sights. Joe and I wen to the Alexander Graham Bell Exhibit, run by the Provincial parks department. I'd always associated the Bell name with just the telephone but he was quite the inventor and mechanical genius. He built prototypes for a hydrofoil boat and during WWI the US Navy was interested in them. War ended and Bell never developed them further. He also worked with his wife Mabel and Helen Keller on improving the methods of teaching deaf to communicate more easily. Quite the man! This photo is of propeller designs for a hydrofoil.

Group of us women went to a local yarn shop and later sat around to have Toni demonstrate sock making. I know that doesn't excite most of you but it is a great hobby for those hours riding in the truck or lazing around a campfire. I later found one of my favorite Canadian yarns on sale at, of all places, a local grocery store! and at less price then the mill which I'd planned on visiting on the way home.

The day was off again on again drizzle but ended in one of those nature shows that's hard to believe. First came a double rainbow in the middle of a bright pink sky. "Red sky at night, sailors delight" so we should have great weather tomorrow for the trip up to Meat Cove, the tip of Cape Breton.

and then to top that came a spectacular sunset.

Most of our travelers watched "RV", the movie with Robin Williams tonight which comically shows how not to handle the systems in an RV. We'll be up early tomorrow to travel on to Meat Cove. All of us are hoping the weather holds and also that we will have whales pass by the campground. I doubt there is wifi so will catch up hopefully when we get to Cheticamp.

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