Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, August 16, 2010

TC Caravan through PA

Mid July we went to Truck Camper Warehouse in NH to get the Heki hatch latch replaced and a couple of 12 volt receptacles installed. Also picked up a great camp chair for Joe for his birthday. Bill's helper replaced the latch in about 5 minutes. It would have taken us a couple of hours at least. Now the hatch latches securely again and Bill gave us a couple of tricks on closing it which should prevent another break. Pull down hard on the U bar before attempting to close the latch!!

On August 11th we left Maine to join up with five other couples and their truck campers. The purpose of the trip was to find a campground suitable for the fall 2011 rally - and to meet up and have some social time. Being retired we can add some days to a trip and so set off. Our first overnight was at Thompson Lake State Park in NY. Big, clean park with large sites, a pretty lake and very few people. Nothing beats that first night's sleep back in the TC again.

Wandered on through NY and into PA and ended up at a Corps of Engineers park near Tioga PA. We seek out COE campsites as they are always clean, beautiful surroundings and very inexpensive when you use the Golden Age national pass. Hard to beat $11 for this site with water and power.

We met up with Mikeeee/Cathie, Ron/Toni, Chimmy/Cathie, Spot/Kim and the good Michelle and started our tour of campgrounds. The first was a Yogi Bear park near Milton, PA. We had our usual group breakfast and then started off over hill and dale to a big KOA. We drew a few stares when we caravaned in. We were all asked to show our TC insides and how they worked. They aren't that unusual are they?

It is really fun to travel in a line of truck campers. We all have CBs so easy to chat as you go.

The third campground visited was not suitable for our use but we had already committed to staying over. Up go the pop up tents over tables, group supper and a few beverages shared. Joe found a few cut logs on the edge of the woods for our fire and what did Spot have???? Why a chainsaw of course !!! These guys from Michigan come prepared. Mike braced the log for cutting and we all stood by waiting for a huge "oops". Nothing happened, fire was enjoyed, morning breakfast in pouring rain and off we went to the last campground.

Fourth campgorund is perfect but we might need to talk them into having 40+ rigs show up as they are new to ownership. Campers scattered to the winds - Maine, Michigan, Massachusettes, Pennsylvania - MMM&P! Joe and I continued on to another COE camp for the evening and now are up on Lake Erie. Had no idea the miles of grapevines and wineries along the lake.

All alone are we. Finally got wi-fi and a chance to catch up. We'll continue to wander around Lake Erie and meet up with friends again in NY late week. We've seen a few other TCs on the road but they are fairly rare compared to those huge 5ths and As. Love the nimbleness of our camper.

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