Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

September 21 - Cabot Trail to Cheticamp

September 21 - Hurricane Igor interfers with our Truck Camping plans - how dare he! Originally we were leaving Englishtown to go to Meat Cove but the gale force winds made us reconsider. Jerry and Paula called both camping places and found that we could swap days. So today we headed around the Cabot Trail from Englishtown to Cheticamp instead of Meat Cove. The winds were at least 40 mph but the day was clear with huge waves kicked up by the hurricane winds.

What is it with Nova Scotia and the coffee and pastry shops? We have not noticed overweight folks here but it is probably because most of the walking they have to do is straight up and down steep hills. We stopped at the Clucking Hen for coffee and disturbed the locals by filling the parking lot. Local wood and glass artisan shops were within walking distance so they were probably happy to see us.

We next stopped at the Chowder House at Neil's Harbor, parking on the lobster wharf and taking about a bazillion photos of the huge waves. They were really rolling in at about 12-15' and breaking at sea.

There was a very small local road from Neil's Harbor back to the Cabot Trail which gave us vistas far to sea and an idea of how this land is formed. Deep valley's, steep hills/mountains and protected harbors and always the very restless sea pounding in.

The west side of the Cabot Trail is very steep, a long, tough climb even for our TC trucks. We stopped several times along the way to rest the trucks and look out over the ocean. It always amazes us when a person in a rest area asks "Are all of you together?". Like why would thirteen truck campers roll in together if we weren't together????? The Cabot Trail is as spectacular as we had all hoped it would be.

We're camped in Cheticamp for two days. We'll backtrack to Meat Cove as none of us want to miss the chance to camp on a remote cliff overlooking the ocean and watching (hopefully) whales pass by. By Thursday the hurricane winds and waves should be gone and a more comfortable camp will be possible.

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