Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mystery of the TC Electrical System

Since winter seems to have disappeared we just couldn't stand to see the TC alone in the woods covered with ADCO cover and looking so forlorn. Friday AM took the cover off, batteries back in, mats in the bed of the F350, happy smiles on our face, and went to raise the jacks to load the TC. NADA! Nothing, no click, no whirr, no hummm, no nothing. Joe had been great this winter about putting a charge on the batteries every six weeks for six hours and being sure the distilled water level was good. He rechecked the connections, checked the transfer switch to be sure no mouse/squirrel/varmint had not eaten the wiring. No idea how they could since that part of the TC is under the floor, insulated, etc. but checked anyway. No signs of anything wrong. Fuses and GFI were good. Hmmmmmm......Joe and Mike T talked on the phone and Mike said to hook up the generator and see if the jacks would work. Yes they did. Loaded the camper on, drove around a little bit to see if the truck would charge the batteries more. NO battery power??!!! Batteries are Interstate and only two years old.

What the heck - it's loaded, it's a beautiful 50F degree day, Truck Camper Warehouse is open in NH and the rig needs a road trip. Called to be sure Bill Penny would be there and off we went. There is no snow in the southern reaches of ME, NH and eastern VT. The ski slopes in VT around Brattleboro were open since they are high and man made snow is keeping up with snow depths. Pretty streams were babbling along the back roads. Since the TC has no gear in it, no battery power and is still winterized we found a motel in Brattleboro. That one night stay plus restaurants of various kinds drove home the point of how much we love our Host camper and it's own bed/bath/kitchen. Sure missed traveling without using the TC as our home.

Bill was very busy delivering a Northen Lite, working on a triple slide Chalet he'd sold and talking to potential TCers. He caulked a suspicious seam for us, looked over the electrical, could not find anything wrong at all and said he'd have to mull on it a bit. We got to meet two couples new to TCing and referred them to RV.NET. One has been lurking for a year researching but hasn't posted yet. He'd just picked up his new TC last week.

Didn't take Bill long to say AH-HA, did a tiny repair and there was the electrical system fully working again. We had a pleasant trip home on small back roads and today Joe has started putting gear back in. We both really want to get OTRA - on the road again. The Mid Atlantic rally is only 39 days away.

Batteries were good, transfer switch was good, wires weren't broken, fuses and GFI were good. So.... can any of you guess what the problem was?

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