Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cape Cod Canal Camping March 2010

So what if we didn't have a bad winter in the Northeast? So we didn't really need a get away? Wrong! Don't say "let's go camping" to those of us up here in the cold or we just all migrate to a warmer spot for the weekend. Nine TCs had an impromptu weekend at Schusset Beach on the east end of the Cape Cod Canal.

Warm, sunny, very very windy but oh so gorgeous to be out again.

Farctic Ox and TwoMaineiacs set up the grills for a weekend of feasting. Trapper Dick, Sailor, Phil, Mikee and several others who don't post on RV.NET all showed up with our usual pot lucks and adult beverages. Phil made muffins which is why he's called "The Muffin Man".

We walked the beach, climbed on the jetty, got sunburned , tried to shield from the constant wind and traded tall tales of places to go and trips already taken.

How many people does it take to put up a windscreen? On Cape Cod - a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Try cleaning your battery posts. I had the same problem, poured a small amount of pepsi cola on the terminals and problem solved, just shows how harsh soda can be to our bodies!