Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Beast arrives

Joe spent a lot of time this past winter researching and looking for a truck that would make us more comfortable on the road. He finally found what he was looking for locally and Casco Bay Ford made the trade in and transition seamless.

Glitches? Of course but that is always to be expected. The Torklift Tie Downs between the truck camper and the truck didn't fit. The rear view camera from camper to truck didn't work on the existing Ford wiring. Where we have always put the laptop computer with DeLorme GPS mapping was completely different. However a quick trip over to Truck Camper Warehouse and we had new Torklifts, air bags and bump stops. The truck rides like a passenger car and the diesel is so quiet.
The truck is Kodiak brown not black. We've loaded the Chalet on and it is ready for the road. We've not had a crew cab before and that extra back seat room is tempting to fill. We are resisting as there is still a weight limit on the truck and we are trying so hard to stay under it.
Best of all our much loved F350 was bought by truck camper friends from New York and so will continue its on the road adventures. Still have the rear camera to rig, we've solved the laptop placement and are locked, loaded and ready to go put some miles on this beast.

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Ted White said...

SWEET! Looks like a nice ride, but then we all knew Joe would have his 450 didn't we. Hope to see the beast on the road soon.