Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Friday, April 26, 2013

April 25 - Crossett AR to Whitesboro, TX Lake Texoma

April 25 - Crossett AR to Whitesboro, TX  Lake Texoma

Everything is bigger in Texas!

A 300 mile travel day on Route 82 from Crossett AR to Lake Texoma in Texas. We took route 82 to Texarcana and crossed into Texas. The visitor center at Texarcana was worth the time. We found several more places we need to stop while travelling across the top of the state. Texans do like to drive fast. Most roads are at least 10-15 miles over what they would be in the east but drivers are very polite and will wave you ahead of them at intersections. We got a lot of thumbs up from pickups going by.

The dashboard light came on saying "500 miles to empty on the DEF". It seems early as it is supposed to go 5000 miles and we were at 3450. Actually read the manual and hauling can lower the DEF range. Found a Ford dealer in Denison, TX who came out in the work yard and filled the tank for us.

We were aiming for the military family campground run by Shepard Air Force Base. Delorme directions were way off but we found it using the AllStays App on the IPad. What a handy and accurate app we've found that to be. I had been expecting a lot more than was actually here. It is an old facility and needs major updating but probably will never happen with sequestration. We did get all the laundry done, the truck and camper washed and a two mile walk along the Red River. $20 isn't bad for full hookup I suppose though other retired military rave about the fam camps at $8 to $10. We'll find more along the way.

Rig sure looks good clean and the truck is just purring along.

Tomorrow will be the final long travel day as we head for CapRocks  Canyon State Park below Amarillo, TX. From there we start going to the sites we want in AZ. Temperatures have been very low for this time of year in this area. We barely made 70 degrees today but such bright sunshine. The country side is beautiful with waving fields of grass for the cattle herds and patches of what I think are bluebells along the roads. The land is beginning to open up into vastness which is what I remember of our last western trek.

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