Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April to Who Knows - On the Road in 2012

April 2012 - We're on the road again

Starting from Maine, headed to Assateague National Seashore, then an annual rally of truck campers at Tall Pines in Sanford, VA., Hatteras and onward.
Our adventure started by heading over to Truck Camper Warehouse in W. Chesterfield, NH to have a crack in our Chalet camper's bath ceiling fixed. The wire chase as designed was so wide it was bending and breaking the vinyl ceiling cover. Bill Penny cleaned it, put in a thin wooden floor and foamed the wide opening. Worked perfect and the vinyl is holding well with no flexing. We also had a Max Air cover put on the bath fan so it can stay open in the rain.

April 13-17
Half way down from NH to VA we stopped in the Delaware Water Gap and camped at Dingman's Ferry at a National Park campsite. Love that Golden Age pass half rate. Clean, wide sites with power. Skirting Philadelphia and only getting on I-95 briefly, we kept southward to Assateague National Seashore. A local told us about The Southern Grille so we stopped for lunch. If you are ever near Ellendale, stop! They serve southern food like my grandmothers used to cook.

Had reservations for Monday and Tuesday night at Assateague on the Bayside C loop where it isn't as windy as the ocean. We lucked out and got the same site for Saturday and Sunday. What a wonder this National Park is. Roaming herds of wild horses, baby turtles and huge terrapins, shore birds, and endless miles of walking trails to explore. Even the boardwalks out into the marshes have horse dung as the horses go everywhere. Toni/Ron from MA, Bob/Carol Ann from NY, and Rob/Jennie from MA were also camped there. Lots of chat about places to go and see and sharing of food and drink with us TCers and a tent couple who were there also. After even a mild winter in Maine, it was such a delight to walk the warm beaches, pick up shells and then, feet up, sit and knit in the sun.

The last night there we were all thinking tornado? These clouds were awesome but stayed where clouds should - up in the air.

April 18-22

Time to gather at the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally at Tall Pines Campground in Sanford, VA. Campers gather from the far west to Canada to spend days visiting, attending seminars, a band with line dancing, pot lucks, rodeos and a good bye breakfast. Michelle and Ron Humphress do a great job organizing this much enjoyed rally.

As usual the North East group gathered for drinks and a buffet at Mike's tent.

The weather held until Sunday morning when the deluge bagan. We travelled across the Bay Bridge Tunnel and were very glad to see the land appear through the rain. As usual we made a wrong turn in Norfolk to head south but at least were able to stop and turn the propane back on.
OBX is a real mix of tourist commercial, bare beaches, national land and sea birds. The folks who live out here continually live with washed out roads and drifting sand with deep puddles on the roads.

Huge flocks of seabirds land on the bare sand at low tides. We don't get these sands in Maine and they are a hard but interesting walk.

Diesel was $4.03 near Assateague, $4.18 in Norfolk, and a whopping $4.38 at the end of OBX. It's got to get here somehow so the price goes up. We'll diesel up tomorrow after we get off the ferry at Cedar Island. We'll head on down the NC coast with the eventual goal of Florida Panhandle and Arizona? Who knows?

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