Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23 - 24 Hatteras to Myrtle Beach, SC

April 23 - 24 Hatteras to Myrtle Beach, SC

Monday, April 23
After a very soggy night at Frisco Woods CG at the tip of OBX, we boarded the ferry to Ocracoke Island. It was soggy because of the amount of rain they have received. Most of the sites were under water. We now understand why all the truck camper fishermen like this campground. You can get right out on the sand and fish from your rear door.

As we left harbor, we passed a Coast Guard Life Boat Station with two patrol boats used for rescue. Later saw them at full speed heading out to sea. I cross my fingers every time we see them go out and thank them for serving. Joe spent 20+ years in the Coast Guard but never on that small a boat.

It wasn't a smooth crossing to Ocracoke but fascinating to stand on the stern and watch all the sea birds. They come out to the ferries from the smaller barrier islands and follow along. We even saw pelicans which are not exactly a Maine bird.

It must be both  awesome and terrifying to be on Ocracoke during a big sea storm. This is the road from the ferry into town.

We stopped and walked the beach for a couple of hours with the result of aching legs later. The beach just makes you go on and on to see more. Since the tide was coming in, we finally left and went on into town for lunch.

Fresh drum sandwiches with hush puppies!!  Hard to get more southern than that plus the unending iced tea. The ferry ride over to Cedar Island wasn't as rough but lots longer. Route 12 inland is a very narrow two lane road with marshes on both sides. Since there was a high wind, the drive down to Croatan National Forest just north of Emerald Isle to a campsite wasn't easy or fun.

Tuesday, April 24
Skirting Jacksonville but staying on Route 17 after that, we wended down to Myrtle Beach. Joe was raised in Old Orchard Beach, Maine which is a tourist town in summer and ghost town in winter. Myrtle Beach is like OOB on steroids with more tourist "Places" than I've ever seen. It stretches for miles and miles with traffic lights every few blocks. We were glad to arrive at Myrtle Beach State Park which is a 300+ acre oasis of trees, trails, sand, beach and very nice campsites. We did more beach walking to see a lot of dead jelly fish and very hard packed sand. I kept thinking Truck Campers would love to get out on this beach!

Tomorrow we get the truck serviced and then head south - or west - or anywhere but north again at this point.

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