Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Thursday, April 21, 2011

High Point NC to Pigeon Forge TN

After a stay in New Bern, NC with Jim and Cathie (Lance 845) we headed to High Point, NC.

April 19, 2011 - What a change in temperature from what we’re used to in Maine. It’s been a beautiful sunny 80F but no humidity. Today Mike O and Travis at Xtreme Campers in High Point, NC put in SuperSprings, a hanger for the generator exhaust pipe, a propane tank slider latch and started a back up camera.

Travis will finish up the camera install tomorrow and we have fingers crossed that the LED bulbs come in on the UPS truck.

Driving out of Maine the propane tank door popped open and the tank slide was hanging out the back end of the camper. We think we didn’t push the tanks all the way in but there isn’t a really secure latch. Mike at Xtreme thought about it a bit and designed this cool hinge latch. He welded it, painted it and put rubber on the back side where it holds the tank in. Clever!!!

Something we are going to have to live with is a new cooling fan that is on the Dometic refrigerator. There is now a second vent opening way above the frig to vent the heat. This is to “cure” the overheating problems. The fan is a small muffin type fan but it has a really high pitched hum to it. No time right now but later we’ll look into what might be available that is quieter. It’s been running a lot in the 80F heat and has a long cycle. It is a very annoying whine. We’ll research and see if we can find a quieter fan.

April 20-21 When we left Xtreme, we headed west instead of to FL. We’ll save the “visit the relative” loop through the south, include Vicksburg and do that this fall. From High Point we headed to Scott Kerr Lake near Boone, NC having a very leisurely drive along back country roads. Incredible luck but we got a site in the Corp of Engineers camp right on the water. Very windy but warm and so much different than the past winter. The F350 handled better with the SuperSprings, riding level and easily. The rear camera took the place of the radio area with a 6”x 6” screen. Radio, DVD, blue tooth still work with controls on the side of the camera screen plus it has a built in navigation system. Now we can see who/what is behind us. Fingers crossed that the Synch for the phone would work but it did so can answer calls hands free. Course I managed to hang up on a few camper friends learning how it worked but they called back.

From Boone, we travelled windy, twisty Route 321 through the mountains from Boone to Johnson City, TN. The mountains are so soft and green this time of year with azaleas, dogwoods in the dense woods and new leaves.

We’re now in the Pigeon Forge area of TN. Joe is indulging me tomorrow as I want to go see the replica of the Titanic. If it is a total tourist trap from the outside, we’ll forge (yuck, yuck) on headed for Wichita and a visit with my daughter and grandsons.

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PurpleSage said...

Thanks so much for posting all these beautiful pictures, Anne - let's us travel vicariously :)