Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 22 to 24 Pigeon Forge to Wichita

April 22-24 Titanic exhibit at Pigeon Forge was a true tourist trap and one we didn’t get snared in. Not a slam at those of you who live in Pigeon Forge but the place was built for tourists. Somewhere underneath all the “glitter” is a small, old town. At least we got caught up on internet, laundry, some truck washing and sleep. We left there on Route 321 which was a lovely windy, cork screw drive through mountains and valleys over to Route 40 around Nashville. Remind me never to go live in a big city and Nashville is big compared to what we have in Maine. The new rear view camera was a blessing to know who was hanging on the rear bumper.

Hope many of you camp in Corps of Engineers parks. Friday night we spent in splendid isolation as the only camper in Canal Camp in a primitive loop right on Lake Barkley near Paducah, KY. Primitive is not the right term as we had water, power, a paved pad, concrete stairs going down to a lower level right on the lake where there was a concrete picnic table and pole for hanging a lantern. This cost the amazing fee of $8.00 with the Seniors America Parks pass. See – there are benefits in getting older.

We watched an eagle, couple of raccoons, deer and a whole flotilla of large turtles. Fish have been jumping but we had no poles/lines/license with us. Now if that @#$@ Dometic refrigerator fan would stop whining life would be perfect.

Saturday was a travel day to get closer to Wichita for Easter visits. After the torrential rains Friday night, there was a lot of flooded land along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

At this tiny tip of Illinois that sticks out into the rivers at Cairo, we were unable to cross the bridge but had to detour due to flooding. Poor Cairo is a ghost town almost with most businesses closed, abandoned housing and closed factories. Sad to see.

We travelled mostly on US60 which was a surprise. We had expected a two lane road but it turned out to be a divided highway, two lanes each side with limited access. The road is concrete, smooth and almost no traffic in the 250 miles we travelled. Some congressman brought home the goods on that one. It cuts through the Mark Twain National Forest and a lot of very scenic terrain. Weather was not good as it went from black clouds, to rain, to hail with a high wind all day. We lost about .2 in diesel mileage today battling a strong head wind. The Chalet’s height is a definite disadvantage in these conditions. Tonight we are boon docking in a Walmart – a very busy one but we are tucked into a corner so we could get the slides out. Wichita tomorrow.

Sunday - At my daughters and just finished a fabulous Easter dinner. They've given us tips on a couple of good places to visit after we get oil/filter change tomorrow. Santa Fe next?

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