Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 16 - Crater Lake and redwoods

June 16 Crater Lake to the Redwoods

We'd hoped to get into some of the Oregon lava fields around Bend but for budget
reasons, the state has some parks closed Monday and Tuesday. Oh well!

As we got closer and closer to Crater Lake the skies started to clear and the sun peaked through. Up you go, up to 7,500 feet, on roads that still are banked with 6-8'
of snow. Suddenly the first pull over appears and there it is.

If you haven't been there, words just won't work since the colors, shape and reflections don't translate well in photos. The lake is in a perfect bowl created once the volcano erupted and then collapsed. The rim is even so no rain water and snow melt cascade out. Deepest lake in the US and the most wondrous shade of turquoise blue that changes with the light. Since we had boots we walked out to some
of the points off the turnouts and just gawked. The mosquitos were thick and very
hungry but TCers carry bug spray.

We visited the Steel Visitor Center and watched a short film on how this area was
saved and made a national park. The other 3 minute film was showing how the park
service clears 20+ feet of snow from the roads. Nerves of steel those plow drivers
have as there is nothing but sheer drop offs in many places. We hugged the center
line a lot to keep away from edges.

Took Route 62 out of the park. Something must have happened on the tip of the north
road because as we approached it a park service person was putting up road closed
signs. We did get about 2/3 of the way around and it was well worth the time.

When we entered California, we had to stop for an "Agriculture Inspection Station" -
a first for us. Very polite but wanting to know each and every piece of vegetable and
fruit on board. Since I couldn't remember exactly, we invited him in to look himself.
I knew I had avocados, cherries, lettuce, etc all bought in Oregon. We left without
the avocados. He showed us the white scale on the avocados which he said was insect
eggs ready to hatch. California is where a lot of our produce comes from so no
problem having him put our fruits in the incinerator. He also looked all under the
truck for signs of gypsy moths.

Route 62 led to Route 199 and one of the more twisting, turning roads we've been on.
If you get carsick, don't take this road. We are in the Jedediah Smith Redwood State
Park, last place available for the night. We'll take a lot of the trails and then
head down the coast to a coastal redwood park.

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