Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, June 01, 2009

June 1 - Federal Dam to Bismarck, ND

June 1 - Federal Dam to Bismarck, ND

No rain this morning but high winds that were to dog us all day and do a real
job on the diesel mileage. We're body time an hour ahead of our location in the Central Time zone so still getting up early to enjoy our surroundings. Leech Lake had whitecaps but the fishermen were still heading out in their bass boats. No one wears a life preserver!

There are a lot of Indian reservations in this area of Minnesota so there were many casinos and gambling resorts. Startling to be driving in wilderness and come around a corner to see a 15 story hotel and jam packed parking lot. Maybe that's where all the cars have been? Go past the casino and once again we were the only vehicle in sight.

Met up with an online knitting friend in Fargo, ND. Maureen on left, Anne on right.

We kept Joe happy by taking him out for lunch. Odd how sometimes meeting an online friend is the same as just having talked to them the day before. Some people actually are what they seem like on line. Great visit, good lunch and, of course, I bought yarn. Fargo is still recovering from the flood damage this spring. We passed a storage yard with a mountain of filled sand bags. The bags are slowly being emptied and stored for next time.

Lots of buffalo in Fargo - statues that is

We decided to take I-94 to Bismarck rather than back country it on this journey leg. I-94 is arrow straight, rolling hills, and we kept waiting to see cows flying by in the air it was so windy. The speed limit was 75mph. We managed 62mph and still felt like we were standing on the pedal. We went from our usual 12 to 12.5 mpg to 8.8mpg for the day. Bet if we had been heading east we would have gotten 15mpg!

Tonight we are in a commercial campground to catch up on laundry, email, dump, fresh water, etc. Tomorrow we have under 180 miles planned heading north and then west to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We plan to stay there two days, take the TC off and travel some of the park roads to see buffalo and other wildlife. There are several historic forts in the area and a place to have a steak cooked on a pitchfork. Probably pretty touristy (the steak) but could be fun.

We are parked between two lilac hedges in full bloom. Sweet smell and the wind has finally died down enough they aren't beating on the TC.

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