Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Saturday, May 23, 2009

North East Truck Camper Spring Rally - Wales, MA

Our North East Truck Camper group met for the spring rally starting 05/13/09 to 05/17/09.

Bright, sunny, breezy day and the TCs are gathering at Oak Haven Campground in Wales, MA. This is the spring North East Truck Camper rally and we are so glad it's stopped snowing and we're together again. FamilyTimes (Rob & Jayne) who are the WagonMasters, Mikeee T, and TwoMaineiacs (Anne and Joe) happened to meet up at the Charlton, MA rest area on the MA Turnpike. We arrived first at the campground and picked out great spots to set up.

Next to arrive were Trapper Dick with his puppy Skeeter, Silversands (Derek and Nicole) and PhilS. Flyfisher Dave and his dog Splash have arrived. We are awaiting EagleCapLurkers.

We've stood around chatting, imbibed a few libations and are now getting ready to cook supper. Mike's friend Steve who manages our web site and chat room came out to visit and bring a few big tents for our group gatherings. Here's the web site address for those reading this who would like more information on our informal group. http://truckcamping.net


Here's the start of the process of putting up Mikeee and Rob's four party tents. We ganged them together two by two and then spread tarps over the top where the sides met so rain wouldn't ruin our parade. Laying out the poles - Dick (AidenJ) leads the parade

About an hour and a half to get four tents up, covered and ready to use. Let the social hours begin. It's raining but supposed to clear. We are generating a lot of warmth getting ready for hot dog night.

We've been blessed with two TCs new to the group. Both have been lurkers on RV.NET truck camper group and just showed up. Our gain! Hot dog roast is over, rain has started again but the propane heater in the tent is letting us yak away in warmth and comfort. More TCs will come in tomorrow. Rain? Wind? No matter - fun to see all the rigs roll in from all over the North East - especially our Canadian friends.

Day dawned bright and clear. Sunny and almost hot which we are taking full advantage of. Some of the TCers have biked into Brimfield to go to the antiques fair. Some are off on country road adventures but most of us are by the campsites relaxing and trading TC tales of places to see and where to go. The rigs are still rolling in. (33arrived by end of the weekend).

Poker and blongo games are ongoing, flags are flying for the Red SoX, USA and many states, plus the sun is so good after our long cold winter. It's 74F and quite comfortable. Afternoon poker anyone? No one will win enough for a new camper but they keep trying.

Mike Tassinari gives freely of his time and expertise to the truck camping community. This morning he gave a "Newbie Seminar" which was well attended by both newbies and seasoned TCers. Scheduled to last about 45 minutes we kept Mike going for about an hour and a half explaining the various systems on TCs, how they work and how to maintain and upgrade them. Thanks as always Mike.

One of our afternoon events was a beer and kielbasa/sausage tasting. We all brought specialty beers and food from our local areas. The Wagonmasters provided 3 oz cups and we all got to sample away. Local sausages, cheeses and specialty food magically disappeared also. No left overs!

This is one great group of truck camper friends.

We left Sunday AM, most back to work but us retirees back to cleaning the camper and getting ready for the next adventure. Looks like we may head out to Glacier National Park and more wonders of the west. Keep tuned.

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