Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going to the Sun and beyond

We can't stand exploring the rock bound coast of Maine and all of New England again this summer (big smile) so we are headed west. We enjoyed our trip out west last summer so much that we are heading that way to explore more. House sitter is available, the aged folks in our family are well and we are still upright and walking so time to go while we can.

Here is the planned, yet tentative, route from Maine to Glacier National Park. We'll probably drop down and go over the Beartooth Highway and then north to Glacier.

We will be trying to stay in state parks, rest areas, Corps of Engineers, free places, etc. We like history, geology, archeology and have a lot of museums and petroglyph and dinosaur sites mapped out along the way.

"Going to the Sun" road is the reason for the Glacier trip. We know we cannot drive it in the TC and probably will just take a jammer bus. I think the F-350 DRW will fit on the road but we want to enjoy the scenery, not have to watch every inch of the drops off the road. As of today, the snow removal crews are still digging through 20-30 feet snowbanks on the road so it isn't fully open yet. Yes we put our winter parkas in the camper.

After Glacier, if we are still talking (TCs are small!) and the legs are holding up, we'll head for the Oregon coast. I've always wanted to see Oregon and also visit several friends and relatives there. Here's the tentative route.

Email or post here is you know of sites that shouldn't be missed along the way. We hae an air card so will be able to reply and also keep the blog going. Fingers crossed for good weather and safe driving.

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