Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 7 to May 10 - North Carolina to Louisiana

May 7 to May 10 - NC to LA

I-40 to 23 to 74 through the Great Smokey Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest. There is not a lot of traffic along these roads and we stopped often to  stretch and enjoy the scenery. On to route 19 to 60 to I-76 at Morgantown. 515 to 108 to 20 if anyone is following along. We stayed in another COE at Centersville, GA, Allatoona Lake, McCausky Creek, $10 for a site right on the point of the lake, totally alone and full lake view.

Dead silence except for the owls. The stars looked a couple of feet off the water. I know this COE will get a lot busier as the camping season progresses but what a blessing we have that they exist.

Thursday the 8th was a total travel day and a real bear (not the black kind). Up early to I-20 to 41 to 411 to 68 to I-59/20. We went through Birmingham and Tuscaloosa on very bad roads. They are high 18 wheeler use and in bad shape. The rest areas in AL are well maintained and have friendly staff who point you to local interests. We ended us in Morton, Mississippi (love spelling that word) at the Roosevelt State Park. Full hookup $14 for seniors. I walked, Joe got on line for the start of the NFL draft. The southern thunderstorms that blow through are quick, powerful and scary.

Yes I know it's hokey but we always take photos of the state signs as we enter them

May 9 Friday  - one of those nightmare road days. Basically took Route 20 to 55 to 12/10 through Jackson, MS to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Huge hard rain most of the day of very broken up roads. The closer we got to New Orleans the worse the road got and we wondered if any of it had to do with Hurricane Katrina. Again great rest areas and friendly welcome center folks but know you have to take a lot of extra time to drive this way. We were trying to get past the bigger cities and rural coastal Louisiana.

We camped in Breaux Bride, LA at Pouche's RV and Fish Lake, a recommendation of TC friends Paula and Jerry. They always stop here on their journey every year back and forth from Nova Scotia to Mexico. Small place in great condition with 4-5 big fishing ponds. We lucked out and got a site which had a covered fish pier. Joe did more NFL yelling at Bellacheck and I sat out with adult beverage and knit. We walked quite a bit but had to run back a couple of times as the thunderstorms were still coming through in a line. Nothing gives a better night's sleep as rain on the camper roof.

May 10 -
Again walks through the rain showers and a trip into Breaux Bridge for supplies. I was raised in a small southern town and it is alway sinteresting to see those who are trying so hard to keep that feeling and not turn into Walmart. On the way back we picked up lunch at Poche's Meat Market. They also advertised "lunch plates". I'd forgotten what a southern lunch can be and glad that I don't do this but once a year !!! BBQ ribs, spicy rice, cole slaw for me; fried shrimp, seasoned greens, rice for Joe. The ducks got the bread and there was enough left over to feed us for a couple of days. I did weaken and picked up a small container of pecan bread pudding. Hey - it's a long way from Maine.

We are back in the camper this evening with another very heavy rainstorm, lightning and thunder all around. I'm sure the drought stricken farmers and ranchers out west would really like to have this. Tomorrow we head south and west towards the LA Gulf coast. No reservations but we usually find something pretty easily.

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