Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Sunday, July 22, 2012

May 6 - 9 West VA to Maine

May 6, 2012 - Our travel folder of places to go is filled with sites in West Virginia. I'd read quite a while ago about the New River Gorge  and we planned the travel to go by there. I had visions of hiking down into the gorge to be able to look up at the bridge. It is the Western Hemisphere's longest arch bridge.

I/we did not walk down to the bottom of the gorge. The getting down would have been okay. The getting up would not have been as we aren't in shape for that type of hike.

The visitor center had exhibits on the bridge building and reason it was built. This whole area has a long history of coal mining and this bridge allowed better access travelling for the miners and support staff.

This was also a  travel day from I-40 to Knoxville, TN  and then I-81 to Marion, VA. There are still a LOT of farms in these mountains, cattle and horses plus a lot more sheep than I expected. Why I don't know since I often buy yarn from the Shendoah region of VA and most of it is locally spun and dyed. We stopped for diesel as we were entering Marion and found Farctic Ox's favorite beer.

It is as good as he says but unfortunately not available yet in the North East. Will just have to get by with some of Maine's micro brews.

Hungry Mother State Park was a welcome stop with very clean grounds, hot showers and supposedly wi-fi. Why is it every time we stop at a place to get wi-fi it has always "just gone down?". The IPad works where ever I can get a Verizon signal so was able to keep up with emails. I know - camping is supposed to be a wilderness adventure but we're on the phone call and email alert for Joe's mom all the time.

May 7, 2012 - Mostly interstate travelling over huge hills and dales but kept the 11.2mph on the F350. We'd stayed before at Confluence, PA Corp of Engineers park and did so again. Love those $4-8 a night fees for level, clean and power when you are tired. We do stealth camping as much as possible at the beginning of a trip but find towards the end, full power is a luxury so you aren't watching the solar battery level indicator.

May 8-9th - PA to ME Travel days with heavy rain and wind and the good old East Coast 18 wheeler traffic. Sat for an hour with engine off at Newburg, NY due to a huge wreck with no fatalities (checked internet later). So nice to have your own bath and kitchen with you. Do you ever get the urge to sell sandwiches or bathroom breaks?

We limped into Maine early evening, tired but exhilarated from all the new sites seen.

I'm catching up this blog in July and now, with some time passed, the highlight for this spring beach was Vicksburg. The wealth of history and ease of getting to it was worth every mile. Best in Vicksburg? The "Cairo" exhibit in the national park. Next best would be Ocracoke. We'd like to return there and camp for a few days and really explore those beaches. We age each day as all of us do but hopefully there is time in our lives left for many more trips.

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