Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April 29 Florida Panhandle

April 29 - Florida Panhandle

I thought the coast of Florida might have a little elevation. NOT! Now I see how devastating the big hurricanes can be. Route 98 runs right along the Gulf of Mexico, passing small towns, fishing fleets and houses, both old style and new McMansions. The houses on the ocean side are all three stories tall with the first two stories looking like cranes up on long legs. Living space appears to be on top which must give you a good workout whenever you get home. We saw a lot of vacant lots which had at one time held a house. A lot of new houses also including massive condo projects. We were also surprised at the density of large trees so the hurricanes don't get everything.

Apalachicola is a jewel and home to a fishing culture. We'd wanted to stop for oysters but since we were passing through on Sunday morning, the vendors were closed. Town is interesting to walk through as it isn't really "touristy". We saw two other truck campers parked but never caught up with their owners. One had Wyoming plates, the other Michigan and you wonder if they were traveling together. Pelicans are everywhere and tend to group on the bridge pylons. They look like flying dinosaurs.

Laundry is the bane of traveling and every once in a while just has to be done. Grayson Beach State Park is a smaller Florida campground with well separated sites. We always opt for a smaller site with power if possible but no need for water or dump as they are usually available from a central area. Laundry done, temperature hovering at 88F, we opted to take a relaxing afternoon by the camper. Evening brought a walk on the powdery sugar like sand  - very hard on the legs. We've got to figure out how to carry bicycles. Too many good bike paths all over the south to pass up. Course that means relearning how to ride a bike!

We did get our seafood. The park ranger, a local, recommended GoatFeathers. Thinking the portoions would be small we both got the small seafood platter. One would hve fed both of us and we like seafood. Huge Apalachicola oysters, shrimp, fish with grated horseradish. Had the second platter for a late supper at the camper outside with no bugs around.

Where are we headed? We don't know but probably north through Alabama and then over to Vicksburg.

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