Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rally time on the Maine coast

North East Truck Camper Rally at Recompence Shores Campground, Freeport, Maine November 10-13, 2011

It was a wonderful rally but it will go down in the annals as the "mud bowl". We camp on a loop road known as West Bay and normally put campers on both sides of the road in the fields. Here is the lonely road waiting for campers.

Joe and I got there early morning, set up and enjoyed a cloudy, but warm morning.

After two weeks of perfect Maine fall weather with high sun and warm weather, it of course rained Thursday. As our wood dealer arrived with a half cord of dry wood it started to sprinkle. As Mikeeeee arrived with his trailer it started to rain. It didn't just rain, it poured harder and harder as campers started to arrive. Fortunately four other truck camper couples arrived in time to help get Mike's big 20x30' tent up just ahead of the deluge. The tent sounded like a drum but we were warm, dry and sat around and swapped tales. Sure glad we're a frequent patron of the LL Bean outlet store and have a collection of mud, rain and snow boots. Here's Joe and Mike gathered around the coffee trying to get dry again. It was a remarkably warm weekend.

By evening twelve rigs had arrived, appetizers and drinks were shared. We all had on our tallest mud boots as the rain was coming under the tent like a river. Only one camper had a roof leak and a plastic table cloth over the bed let them make it through the night.

Friday dawned with thick clouds but only sprinkles. This is a New England size campfire with some hearty coffee drinkers up early to start the day. These TCers are from Maine, Quebec, NH and MA. Furthest away this time was near Gettysburg, PA.

During the day, many people went back into Freeport to shop LL Bean and the other outlet stores, visit the micro breweries and lobster restaurants. I took a SUV full of knitters up to Bath, ME to one of my favorite places, Halycon Yarns on Friday (and then to Purl Diva in Brunswick on Saturday) . Joe and Mike kept the fire stoked.

By evening we had 24 truck campers parked along the fields. No one sank but we were spread out a lot further than usual as people looked for the highest ground. This is total boondock so we park anywhere regardless of the usual camping slots. Again we gathered for drinks and appetizers. This year we did a scotch tasting. Thanks campers for sharing your special blends and to Hodag for the legal white lighting. Special thanks to Mariann for very unusual, delicious appetizers.

Saturday dawned warm and sunny.

Recompence is part of Wolfe Neck Farm, a 650 acre salt water farm. There are great hiking trails back into the woods, along the estuary and out into the clam flats. Wolfe Neck State Park is a half mile away and has a lot of old growth pines, eagle and osprey nests and more walking trails. Many of our campers spent the day out exploring these areas. Here are some getting that last drop of coffee before heading out.

It's a lot of fun to camp with fellow truck campers. Here's the group though not all are in the photos. I kept so busy I didn't get as many photos as usual.

Did I say mud?

Saturday night sunset was beautiful.

We gathered for a pot luck supper which lasted for hours with great food, talk and sharing places to go. Mikeee went over what the North East Truck Camper Jamboree will be doing for gatherings next year. Most of us will start out by going to the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper gathering in VA in mid-April.

Sunday morning is our traditional "men cook, women eat" breakfast. Mike's trailer holds a lot of griddles and warming trays so the guys get busy. How do you power it all? Honda 2000s which come from lots of campers.

Sadly we watched the truck campers all depart. Mikeee, Cathie, Joe and I stayed until the firewood was gone, enjoying the fall warmth and the beautiful view over Casco Bay. Recompence is one of those magic places, mud and all. We'll do it again next November and hope more of you can join us.

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