Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Friday, November 19, 2010

November Dry Camping Maine Coast in fantastic weather

Recompence Campground, Wolfe's Neck Farm, Freeport, ME

November 11-14, 2010

Twenty one truck camper rigs and 48 people gathered for a perfect late fall weekend by Casco Bay. This site is part of a 600+ acre salt water farm that has been put into conservation trust. West Bay sites are dry camping with no facilities except gorgeous views from all sides. This year the weather gave us a gift with never a cloud, no fog, snow or rain, low wind, and days in the 50s to 60F. Even though the week before had been heavy rains, the ground had dried enough so no one sank into mud.

Joe and I went over early Thursday AM thinking we would beat everyone but found that Jim and Genie from western PA had come in the night before. They made a 12 hour trek to end up in the dark by the ocean where they had never been before. Good for them! It was their first trip in their Lance, having just traded from a pop-up.

By mid morning, the TCs were rolling in.

We had campers from western PA down to Rhode Island, from Quebec to Nova Scotia and in between. Amazing how the prospects of a good weather weekend with other TCs will bring folks out. We set up two 10x20 tents and started the fire. By Thursday evening, twelve campers had arrived and were enjoying drinks and appetizers by a blazing fire by the ocean.

Two of our North East campers from NY had already winterized their TC and actually had snow on it. What a surprise when they drove up to join us. Who says TCers can't overnight in a motel if they have to.

Friday saw the arrival of more campers, kids, dogs, friends, and great sunshine. Many people went into Freeport to LL Bean and other stores to do some early holiday shopping. Did I mention there are brew pubs and taverns in Freeport?

There were several campers who were either first time ever truck campers or who were using a new camper. How I wish all who want to get into truck camping could come to a meet/greet like this one and get all those questions answered. With this many pieces of equipment, both trucks and campers, there were mechanical problems. Mike Tassinari (as usual) sprang into repair mode and fixed a solar problem for us, hot water for Phil, battery for Jim, and diagnosed a dead Jeep. Thanks Mike!

Here are some of the first time campers. One couple had attended last year's Springfield, MA RV show just to see truck campers. Lots of us met them there and stayed in touch as they figured out what they wanted. They ended up with one of our group's Ford and Lance camper and came to Freeport as their first campout.

Saturday a few more rigs rolled in including TWO triple Chalets. I'm sure they got tired showing the floor space and exterior storage bays but graciously did so.

Joe and I had gotten quite a few emails from people who saw news of the gathering both on RV.NET and Truck Camper Magazine and wrote to ask if they could come by. Four couples did come and got a great education on campers. One of the couples had bought our 2005 F-350 and now know they want a side entry, aft kitchen, single slide. Another found out that probably his F-150 is not going to carry what he had been hoping but better to know now than later. Thanks again everyone for showing your campers.

We barely fit into the two tents for our Saturday night potluck. Door prizes were drawn and how does it happen that Paul almost always gets drawn first?

Travel tales around the fire continued to sunset and beyond. Half moon, bright stars and flocks of geese flying by aren't exactly hard to take.

Sunday a tradition continued and the men cooked breakfast while we gals had coffee and talked. Joe had had a half cord of dry hard wood delivered and by Sunday morning we were throwing the last log on the fire.

Thanks everyone for coming, for the great time, drink, food and tales of places to go we shared. What a fun group with every single person sharing in the work of tents up, tents down, moving tables, cooking, etc. etc. We're now scattered back across the North East (and a bit beyond) but ready to do it again next year. Those reading this - you coming?

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