Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Monday, February 23, 2009

TC buried in the snow - again

Seems this winter, as soon as we dig out the Truck Camper we get another snow storm. This one was 18" of very heavy wet snow which followed a big rain storm. We only managed today to clear the driveway and walks to the house. The poor little John Deere handled the load but slowly and with a lot of backing and filling. The snow was deeper than the snow blower.

Here's the camper tucked in the side of the woods. We've got some mid 30F degree days coming along this week so we'll tackle the TC and clean it off once again.

It is pretty though - as long as you don't have to shovel it. Much more and I won't be able to throw it over the side banks of the walks.

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Sheila said...

I looked at your snow pile several weeks ago and didn't comment. I hope you have a slow thaw so you don't flood. When we were in Death Valley this week, there was a group of senior hikers many were Truck Campers. I thought of you and your group.