Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Thursday, June 05, 2008

June 5 - Buffalo, WY to Cody, WY

June 5th - Buffalo, WY to Cody, WY via Thermopolis

It SNOWED hard today, enough to be glad for tow haul and a very empty road. At one point we got passed by a snowplow with the blade down moving right along. Nice to follow in a plowed path.

We were on the Powder River Pass Scenic Byway in Big Horn National Forest, . Route 16 from Buffalo,WY to Worland, WY. This route up and over the mountain is a true picture of what this country must have looked like prior to any human living there. There are a few small ranches within the borders of the forest but mostly wilderness with abundant deer and antelope. At the base of the mountain there was a lake which still had ice covering about half of it. Winter dies hard in Wyoming!

The land turned spectacular again around Ten Sleep, WY with layers on layers of ever changing rock layers. It was like having a geology lesson. The size of some of the boulders beside the road was a bit scary as some were bigger than the truck and TC.

We took a short hike down into one of the canyons to see the river, railroad bed and to look back at the rather daunting climb back up. Hiking at 6,000 feet is a bit different then at sea level which we are used to. Great to have the TC to come back to for a cold drink and a hot lunch. A lot of cold rain today but no big thunderstorms.

Our goal today was to go to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis. Small, well laid out museum that walked you from microbe to T-Rex with examples of each.

I rarely read all the info panels at each exhibit but did at this one. Almost ran over two rabbits sitting by the wheels when we left. Looked around the dirt parking area and counted about 20 large rabbits. Wonder why?

From Thermopolis, we headed down to Wind River Canyon just to see the layers of rock as you descend deeper and deeper into a canyon that runs 20+ miles.

We turned around at Boysen Reservoir and headed for Cody, driving through vast stretches of empty land. I keep wondering where are all the cattle? The land is empty of ranches, people, any sign of our so called modern life, just mile after mile of sagebrush with the occasional small oil pump rig.

We are staying two nights at the Ponderosa Campground in Cody. We will be able to walk to the Buffalo Bill Museum complex in the morning. All the folks camping around us say it takes a full two days to get through the five museums. We are back to back with a 20 year old excellent shape Vanguard TC from Alberta, Canada and a brand new
SnowRiver TC from Spokane, WA. We had a great time trading places to go and see. Seeing a TC is so unusual, you just have to talk to them!

Some unusual things we have noted in Wyoming:
There are drive in liquor stores just like a drive in fast food place.
Real cowboys don't lose their hats in the wind. Dudes do.
Pickups out number cars probably two to one.
Do not stop with your window rolled down next to a cattle feed lot.

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