Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Front basket added to the TC

Well we had to keep up with the Assateauge TC folks we met at the Tall Pines Campground rally. Many had these beautiful front carry baskets. However, we had to do it with a New England flavor, without the fishing gear pole holders and the coolers since we don't have too many of those wide, warm beaches we can get out on.

The front receiver is a Drawtite front hitch. Glad we had it installed rather than trying to do it ourselves as the bumper had to come off, fog lights out, and the frame drilled in two places. Even with an air powered drill, it took quite a bit to get through the front frame piece. Guy at the hitch place really knew what he was
doing but it still took him an hour total install with the right tools.

The receiver has a swivel so that the platform basket can be raised up 90 degrees and travels flat against the truck grill. We wanted the ability to carry extra though we won't be doing it a lot - thus the basket that can get out of the way. Doesn't stick out far. Basket is more a platform with a 4" lip, not a deep basket like Mike T and others in our North East Truck Camper group have.

Total weight added was 90 pounds (prior to loading it). Here we are trying to get lighter and we added. We'll try it out going to Andover for the North East spring rally next week by carting along some firewood in those plastic milk crates.

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