Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Route 66 is disappearing

Route 66 is slowing disappearing. We bought a neat little book on Route 66 from RV Bookstore and hope to one day try to follow it all the way. We found part of Route 66 in Granite City, IL but couldn't cross the Mississippi on it because the bridge was under repair. We did walk out on the bridge so both our wheels and our feet hit Route 66.

Long two days Tuesday and Wednesday travelling east with the goal of getting home before this weekend. Traversed Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and part of NY and saw every type of road construction and repair piece of equipment that exists. LOTS of road construction and progress driving was slow at times. Indianapolis in particular was difficult but we persevered. We wanted to stop at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH but we would have cut ourselves too short on time to do it justice. Next time?
Tonight we are in a RV park associated with Turning Stone Casino owned by the Oneida Indian Nation near Vernona, NY. This is a much "plusher" camp than we usually make with huge spaces among groves of mature trees, walking trails, ponds with flocks of geese and an absolutely immaculate bathhouse. We took a shuttle bus over to the casino and walked around for quite a while to loosen up the old joints. Loud, smokey and frantic people throwing money away trying to beat the odds. I'd rather throw my money away on diesel fuel.

Should be home tomorrow and the poor Lance and F-350 needs a major de-bugging and washing. We've kept the inside pretty clean but bug splat will take some time. Once again the rig worked just perfect for the types of roads we have been on including those goat paths through the WV mountains. Getting into the WV state park and camping there was among the highlights of the trip. The St. Louis Zoo and the Arch met all expectations. Having a TC with the ability to take it places like a regular truck would go made all the difference. We talked to so many C and A owners who were not towing vehicles and were stuck at the camp places. We are parked tonight near another TC - a F350 with an older Apache - towing a full size car. !!!

We're all ready to hit the road again and we aren't even home yet. The West calls this fall?

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