Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Thursday, April 26, 2007

White Mountains of NH in the spring snow

Back from a short shake down trip over to the White Mountains of NH. Lance and F-350 performed perfectly except for one slight glitch and one mystery. The glitch was one of the Lance cab over struts coming apart while driving in the only heavy traffic we encountered - well heavy for Maine. Suddenly there was one half of the strut hanging on the Lance and the other flopping around on the mirror of the truck. The little snap pins kept the halves from falling off. Joe got the halves back together but we don't have any type of cut sheet on how to care for them. Found one topic on rv.net about using motorcycle oil as a lubricant but have also written Lance for a PDF if they have one. The mystery is one of the power outlets on the F-350 dash works, the other doesn't. It's probably a fuse which we'll look into. We use that power for the laptop and DeLorme mapping software.

Very few campgrounds open in ME and NH right now especially after the devastating Nor'easter couple of weeks ago. Lots had roads washed out and trees down. We were going the Walmart route but found a site we'd used before on Ossipee Lake. It was like a ghost town which was great. The ride up through the National Forest around Mt. Washington was gorgeous and still capped with snow. We watched the skiers on Wildcat Mountain carve that last inch of snow. A National park ranger talked to us at a rest area and wanted to see the Lance. He hauled out his trail map and showed us several unimproved wilderness sites that a truck camper could get to once the snow and mud are gone. We'll definitely go back hopefully before black fly season.
Sure felt good to be back out on the road again.


Pru said...

Gorgeous scenery in the White Mtns! I spent a total of about a week there last summer when our son was rowing at Dartmouth. It was just too far from VA to Hanover to go up and back twice so I left DH at home, stayed on my own since Christian was in a dorm, and spent the days exploring yarn sources in NH and VT. Bliss! Saw your post about visiting Patternworks - I did too, lovely ladies; I'm not a quilter so didn't go next door. I also had a day trip to Harrisville Designs just outside Keene and look forward to returning there when DH has his next Dartmouth reunion. Green Mtn Spinnery and Northern Nights (or is it Lights?) were the other two stand outs from the trip, plus the King Arthur Flour store.

Happy motoring!


Lynn said...

You must be chaffin at the bit to get on the road again. I know I am waiting to just get to camp for the summer. No phone, no computer, nothing but good old peace and quiet and mother nature. Have a great summer.

Anonymous said...

Any one want to visite in White Mtns? Can you check my personal bog and leave a message? I am wondering if we can meet together in the nearly future.