Our Chalet Truck Camper

Our Chalet Truck Camper

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lake Champlain, Isle LaMotte and the Green Mountains of VT

Back again after a long weekend over to the Burlington, Vermont area. Original plan was to go to the Vermont History Expo in Tunbridge, VT but the best laid plans, etc. etc. The web site looked great http://www.vermonthistory.org/expo/ with lots of interesting activities. We left Maine in the rain of course. It has rained more or less constantly ever since we bought the Truck Camper. Blame us! Cut through Western Maine and New Hampshire via Route 25 managing not to stop at several well visited quilt and knit stores.

Rain broke so we lunched in the camper at a large VT rest and tourism bureau area on I-93. Picked up a Ben and Jerry's brochure about factory tours and thought that would make a nice dessert. http://www.benjerry.com/our_company/about_us/tours/. Found out why the roads were so quiet in VT. They were all at B&J's waiting to take the tour!! Line for ice cream was about a half hour long and since we can buy it anywhere, moved on. Met up with another truck camper in the parking lot and they told us of a good campground in Burlington which is one of our favorite cities. Headed north and after driving some incredibly scenic side roads, ended up north of Burlington on Grand Isle, Vermont at the Champlain Adult Campground. http://www.champlainresort.com/. This campground was pristine and we got a camp space right on the water beside a rock beach. View was down Lake Champlain and over to the ferry landing in New York. We spent a lot of time relaxing in the canvas chairs just enjoying the water, birds, passing ferry boats and listening to the other passing campers talk mostly Canadian French. Lot of them come to stay the whole summer. I would highly recommend this campground to those adults wanting a quiet CG.

Next morning we headed up to Chazy Reef on Isle LaMotte north of the campground. This is a huge exposed area of ancient reef in which you can see portions of old coral, fossilized sea animals and shells. http://www.vtlife.com/vtlife/current_issue/su06-inns.htm. The drive to the reef was an adventure in itself as the roads are narrow, right by the water and curvy. Our Ford F-350 and Lance Camper did well in places a larger rig would never have fit.

Next headed south down Route 7 to Middlebury, VT one of those small towns which has not "gone modern". Wandered the farmer's market for goat cheeses, cranberry bread and some cranberry preserves for Doris, Joe's mom. Spent so much time wandering around we decided better head to Tunbridge, the purpose for the trip. This portion of the trip put the F-350 to the test going over Route 125 from Middlebury to Tunbridge through the Green Mountain National Forest. Extremely beautiful through tight, twisting, mountain roads with brooks cascading down the side of the road. We stopped at many old covered bridges and also just to better see some of the mountain views. By the time we finally got to Tunbridge it was too late in the day to take in all the fair so decided to not even start. Took 110 which was an even smaller road over to a campground in Warren, NH which is not to be recommended. Slept fast, left early and headed home. Reminder to self - put ear plugs in camper.

In all we packed too many activities into a short trip and came back tired but full of good memories of the mountains and especially Lake Champlain. Many tasks before the next trip which will probably be up to Boothbay Harbor - if we don't sneak in another short trip back to Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

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